Season Apprenticeships

The Professional Training Program Apprenticeship at the Fulton Theatre provides an opportunity for emerging professionals to apply skills acquired in the university setting to a professional institution, to build upon those skills and to learn new ones.

Up to seven production apprentices will be assigned to a production or community engagement focus area for a full (August through July) or half season and will serve as a member of that team.  Apprentices fully participate as Fulton Theatre personnel, attending staff and production meetings, extended learning seminars, and participating in special events, while supporting the technical production of the Fulton Theatre’s 12 main stage productions (6 Premier Series, 2 Ellen Groff Studio Series and 4 Family Series) and education and outreach programming. For more information about the Community Engagement Apprentice, see the job description below. In their assigned focus area, production apprentices will:

  • support the build/rehearsal process,
  • serve in run crew position(s), and
  • assist in light hang and focus, load-in, and strike for each show.

Typically run crew assignments are in assigned focus areas, however if an apprentice develops an interest in another department, efforts will be made to assign them a crew position in that area.  Apprentices may also be eligible to design for our Cabaret and Family Series. Eligibility will be determined based on an interview with the Fulton Theatre’s Artistic Director.

Candidates have experience in multiple areas of technical theatre (if relevant), and are energetic, hardworking, team-oriented, and self-motivated. All candidates should have knowledge of Microsoft Office and have the ability to lift 30 pounds. Apprentices will be required to hold a bachelor’s degree.  Ideal candidates have 2-3 areas of interest and preferably some experience in a regional or summer-stock theatre.


Shop Schedule (when there are no performances): Apprentices will work in their assigned shop for eight hours per day, five days a week.  If the schedule necessitates a longer day or week, the Production Manager must approve the extended hours. Apprentices will be given a lunch break.

Shop/Show Schedule (during performance weeks): For the majority of productions, apprentices will work as Run Crew. Crew positions include: deck, ASM, wardrobe, rail, board op, spot op. When apprentices work on Run Crew, their weekly shop hours are adjusted down so that their total work week does not exceed 40 hours. Some Run Crew weeks may exceed 40 hours. Additional hours, when approved, will be paid at the overtime rate.

Load-in/Tech-Week Schedules:  Apprentices will have a set schedule for load-in/tech weeks.  All will work for specific periods of time in their own departments, as well as at “All Apprentice” calls, including Set Load In, Light Hang, and Focus. All Apprentices are required to work Strike.


Apprentices are assigned to a specific focus area. Responsibilities in each individual area are as follows:

  • Scenic Apprentice: Work with the technical director, master carpenter and scenic painter to execute, build, maintain, load-in and strike each production. Preferred skills include ability to read and understand build drawings, welding, rigging, knowledge of shop safety, basic proficiency in AutoCAD.
  • Properties Apprentice: Work with the properties designer to execute props for each production from the creation of the prop list through construction, acquisition, set dressing and maintenance of props during the run. Preferred skills include knowledge of Photoshop, experience in crafts, painting, sewing, woodworking, and upholstery. Maintain props shop.  Applicant must own a car.
  • Electrics Apprentice: Assist the Master Electrician in the following areas: preparing light plot, wiring practicals and electrified scenery, maintaining all equipment and maintaining production paperwork. Will learn to use ETC Gio. Will work with and assist the sound department as needed. Will also be given the opportunity to assist in the running of sound and lights for special events at the Fulton. Preferred skills include basic wiring knowledge, ability to read a light plot, soldering, live audio mixing.
  • Sound Apprentice: Work with the Audio Engineer and Sound Designer to prepare, implement and maintain Sound Designs for each production. Hanging speakers, preparing wireless microphones and orchestra pit, setting-up all consoles and computer systems. Will work with Yamaha M7CL-48 digital mixer, Shure UHF-R wireless microphone systems, and QLAB sound effects playback software. Will also work with the Master Electrician and lighting department to implement Light Designs for each production. Will be given opportunity to assist in the running of sound and lights for special events at the Fulton. Preferred skills include soldering, live audio mixing and a knowledge of basic wiring, digital sound boards, and live sound reinforcement.
  • Stage Management Apprentice: Serve as assistant to the stage management team for all Mainstage productions. Responsibilities include tracking and running props, developing run sheets, and distributing information to various departments. SM Apprentice assists Stage Management through rehearsal, the tech process and performance. Other opportunities include being the lead SM for special events during the Fulton season and working with other departments. Preferred skills include strong organization, problem soliving and leadership qualities. Stage Management Apprentice has the opportunity to participate in the Actors Equity Association EMC program.
  • Costumes/Wigs Apprentice: Work with the designers to execute designs along with the costume department. Assisting Wig Designer with maintenance. Assist with load in and strike of show costumes. Work with the costume shop rental associate on inventory management. Preferred skills include stitching, cutting and wardrobe/dresser experience.
  • Community Engagement:  College graduates with a degree in acting, musical theatre, education, creative writing or a related field are encouraged to apply.  Candidate must have a demonstrated interest in educational theatre and the ability to work as a teacher and administrator.  Apprentices work full time (40 hours per week, 6 days per week) and participate in staff and department meetings. The Community Engagement Apprentice attends seminars in lesson planning, classroom management, inclusion and more. Apprentice will co-teach theatre classes (ages 4-18) at the Fulton and in-schools and community centers, and as skills grow teach independently.  In addition to teaching, the apprentice will provide administrative support.  Responsibilities will include: corresponding with partners, maintaining departmental records and calendar, writing and editing program study guides and curriculum, preparing materials and supplies, writing and editing promotions, coordinating accessibility services and preparing the open caption script. Candidates must be highly organized, hold broad-based administrative skills as well as excellent communication and customer service skills; the ability to take direction and multi-task in a fast paced, and youth-oriented environment. This position must submit to a background check and participate in first and aid and CPR training.


Each Apprentice will be matched with a supervisor who works in his/her main area of focus and serves as the apprentice’s mentor. Apprentices will meet individually every three months with the Director of Community Engagement to complete a self-reflection assessment. Each Apprentice will be given one-week off as paid vacation, the timing of which will be arranged with the Apprentice’s mentor.


Apprentices will be paid minimum wage for the first 40 hours ($7.25). Hours worked above 40 are paid at 1.5 hours.


Apply for Apprenticeships beginning January 1st, through the summer or until all positions are filled.

Applicants selected for consideration will be contacted for an interview. Interviews begin in mid-March, and can be completed either in person or on the telephone. Do not contact the Fulton Theatre regarding the status of your application. Applications will be considered until all positions are filled. Applications will not be considered until all materials have been received.

To apply for 2016-17 click here and complete the online application. And, if available, submit a relevant portfolio via web or DVD to

References should submit reference letters to