EITC & School Scholarship Application Form

  • Must be a principal, assistant principal or curriculum facilitator.
  • School Ethnic Makeup for the Most Recent School Year

    Percentage of entire student body.
  • Program Partnership Application

  • If you are applying for these funds, identify the full cost of the buses from school to Fulton Theatre.
  • If you are applying for these funds, detail the parameters of your request. How many classrooms at the school would you like us to consider visiting? How many times would you like us to visit?
  • Identify a person, if primary contact is different from the authorized school administrator.
  • Identify all classroom teachers who will be impacted if your school is named a EITC Program Partner.
  • What are your goals for the partnership? How do you see Fulton Theatre supporting student learning? How will you assess the impact of the program?
    Download this memo from the EITC Program page on the Fulton Theatre website.