A List of Stimuli for Parents to Consider Before Attending the Fulton Theatre

By providing this list of stimuli, we hope to help you create an environment that supports a positive response. Please note stimuli that prompt a negative response on your ticket reservation form. Reserve now!

  • Echoes in our front lobby
  • Large Groups of People: This includes people sitting in close proximity and walking/passing over others to get to take a seat.
  • Light Changes: Dark to light
  • Loud Instrumentation. For example, marching bands, guitars, and drums.
  • Screaming and Loud Singing
  • Reality and Fantasy Challenges. This may include dream sequences, echoes, heightened worlds, and/or weird or dissonant voices and music.
  • Fainting and Death
  • Alarm Sounds
  • Wigs and Hats
  • Bubble Machine
  • Full Body Puppet Costumes: dragons, butterflies, birds, and bees
  • Loud Dancing. For example, tapping.
  • Strobing Lights
  • People in Skin-Colored Costumes. For example, pink and red skin.
  • Smells

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