Theatre Etiquette

Theatre is a special treat, and though there is not a dress code, please remember it is a great opportunity to look and feel your best.

Please arrive on time, allowing yourself at least 30 minutes before your performance to enjoy the Theatre offerings.

Please consider visiting the restroom before you take your seat or at the intermission. Using the facilities during the performance can be disruptive to your fellow theatre goers.

Please turn off your cell phone and refrain from texting, emailing, or checking messages during the performance (the light from your phone is distracting for both the actors on stage and your fellow theater goers).

Food is permitted inside the Theatre. Please consider unwrapping all food wrappers before the show begins. Wrappers can be noisy/bothersome.

Drinks are permitted inside the Theatre in a covered bottle or souvenir cup.

Please be courteous to your neighbors:

  • Think “inside the box” while you enjoy the performance (“inside” your chair area)
  • Remove any headwear that may obstruct the view of your fellow theatregoers
  • Refrain from removing your shoes
  • Remember this is not a sing-along special unless you are prompted by the actors on stage
  • Refrain from talking after the lights have gone down; save your commentary for after the show, you know … when you call all your friends to tell them they must see it.

All Fulton Theatre performances are copyrighted; there is NO video or audio recording or photography of any kind allowed during the shows. Even if you think you are being discrete, the actors on stage are very aware, and that can ruin the magic for everyone.

If you see someone behaving inappropriately, please continue to enjoy the show after you inform a House Usher or other staff, allowing the Fulton Staff to enforce Fulton policies.