Community Focused  

We're committed to being a change agent in our community, promoting diversity through our staffing, programming, and amplifying the voices of people of color in our community and beyond. We invite you to join us in our vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion! Learn how you can get involved in this new program! Learn more ›

Teaching and inspiring through

Teaching Artists aim to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of learners. Our programs develop theatre arts tools and also important lifelong skills such as creativity, communication, and confidence building. Become part of the Academy of Theatre this season and nurture the artist within.

Teaching and inspiring through

School Outreach

Neighborhood Bridges

Neighborhood Bridges, devised by the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis and the University of Minneapolis, is a nationally recognized critical literacy program that empowers students to become animators of their own lives. Learn More ›

School Group Tours

From page to stage, from front-of-house to the behind-the-scenes magic, discover what it takes to create theatre. This one-hour interactive tour encourages people to become engaged participants of the theatre! Learn More ›

EITC & School Scholarship Program

Providing meaningful theatre arts learning opportunities in Fulton’s School Day Matinee and Neighborhood Bridges Programs. Learn More ›

School Day Matinees

The experience of enjoying a live stage production performed by Equity actors is one that no child soon forgets and is of crucial importance in building the social, cultural and aesthetic development of the individual. Learn More ›

High School Theatre Festival

A day focused on experiencing the in’s and out’s of the theatre. Filled with backstage tours and theatre workshops focusing on performers, technicians, and designers. Learn More ›

Other Opportunities  

Offering a multitude of learning opportunities about the world of live performance, The Fulton hosts programs for all audiences, students, and emerging professionals. The Theatre is something to be lived, discover more ways to experience it first hand.