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The mission of the Fulton is to create and produce exceptional theatre

that moves the collective soul of our community and honors our national historic landmark  

From on-stage musical productions and experimental studio plays to workshops and apprenticeships, the Fulton Theatre provides a space for Lancaster, and the surrounding areas, to experience the theatre. Large-scale productions on the main stage gather a diverse community while one-hour musicals are performed to bring families together. Today, under the leadership of Executive Artistic Producer Marc Robin, the Fulton Theatre produces a mix of comedies, dramas and musicals, employing the talents of professional directors, designers, actors and playwrights from across the country. The Fulton also offers classes for children, teens and adults as well as numerous community engagement programs across the region. Organization Info ›

Our productions are the result of

thorough craftsmanship and artistry.

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Historic Roots

The evolution of the Fulton is a fascinating reflection of the history of American theatre.

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