Academy Policies

Summer 2020 Information:

Summer camps will take place on the Fulton Theatre’s Campus at 12 N Prince Street. You will receive an email at least one week prior to the start of camp with any specific details regarding materials, dress, pick-up/drop-off, and lunch. If you do not receive an email, please contact Kelsey Pollard by emailing or calling 717-394-7133 Ext 140. The Policies for camp differ slightly from the policies  below.

Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Information:

  • Registered Students: Upon enrolling your student in an Academy course, submit an electronic Student Information Form.  Forms are retained in Fulton files for one year. Notify us immediately as information needs to be updated.  Forms must be completed online, and are not received in a printed format.
  • Refunds: All sales are final.
  • First Class (Fall 2019-Spring 2020): Classes will take place at the Lancaster Public Library at 125 N Duke Street until otherwise specified. Drop Off will be located behind the Library on N Cherry Street (Between Chestnut St and Orange St) and begins 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Parents are encouraged to escort their child to class on the first day.  Parents are allowed to observe the first 10-15-minutes of the first class if you choose. Your child will be given a parent letter at the conclusion of class from the teaching artist, which includes important information on the goals of the class and how your child can effectively prepare for each class.
  • Sharing: Two family members are invited to observe the last 30 minutes of the final class.  Note that rehearsal classrooms are small and do not always have chairs.  A final sharing provides the student, parent and instructor an opportunity to observe progress, assess skills and reflect on student growth and learning. A sharing is not a performance.
  • Background Checks: Fulton’s Teaching Artists undergo annual background checks prior to their first day of employment. The Fulton Theatre requires that teaching artists produce the original Pennsylvania Criminal History report and Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearance.
  • Photography: The Fulton Theatre reserves the right to use photos or video recordings taken during the course of the program or class for promotional purposes only.
  • Parking: Parking is available in area parking lots or on the street. There is a loading/unloading zone behind the library on N Cherry Street (Between Chestnut St and Orange St) to drop your child off and pick them up. We ask that parents do not idle or park in this loading zone.
  • Drop Off: Drop off begins 10 minutes before class. A Fulton Theatre representative will be situated at the back of the Library on N Cherry Street (Between Chestnut St and Orange St) to receive your child. We ask that parents do not idle or park in this loading zone. We encourage parents to park elsewhere and enjoy all the services the library has to offer!
  • Pick Up: Pick up begins at the scheduled class end time where you dropped your child off, and continues for 10 minutes. We ask that parents do not park in this loading zone or idle for long periods of time. We have to keep the area clear until it is time for drop off or pick up. Tardy parent/guardian(s) will be charged $1 for every minute past 10 minutes.
  • Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals, and Absence: We are flexible and can meet the needs of most family schedules.
    • Absences: If your child must be absent due to illness or conflict, notify us via email at as soon as possible.
    • For an early dismissal, send a note with your child at drop off or email us at  Please be specific in the time you want to pick up your child.  A staff person will escort your child to the drop off/pick up location at the time identified in the note.
  • Dress: Students should come to class wearing comfortable clothing in which they can move. These may include dance clothes, sweatpants, leggings, shorts and either dance shoes or sneakers. Absolutely no flip flops, open-toed shoes, shoes with heels, or bare feet!
  • Materials: We encourage students bring a water bottle with their name written on it. Food/drinks beyond water are not permitted in the building. All other materials will be provided.
  • Code of Conduct: Students should come to class ready to work! There are limited opportunities for breaks during our classes, and so a good breakfast or snack, and a trip to the restroom before class begins is a good idea. Fulton classes establish a healthy, safe, supportive and charged classroom culture. Classroom rules and expectations are discussed with students on the first day, and referred to throughout the semester. Every student has precious and unique ideas, creations and feelings. Bullying is not tolerated in Fulton’s Academy of Theatre.
  • Communication: Fulton Theatre requests that you provide an email address that you can check weekly for class announcements, updates, reminders and changes. Send messages to instructors to
  • Cancellations: In the event of inclement weather, tune into WGAL for up to date information about class cancellations. A make-up day for our seasonal semesters is built into the class schedule and usually falls on the week following the last class. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, Instructor illness or other reasons determined by Fulton Theatre the makeup class will serve in place of the missed class. The class will meet at the same time as a regularly scheduled class, unless otherwise noted to you by Fulton Theatre. If two or more sessions were missed, the Fulton Theatre can only accommodate one make-up class. Notification will be given if and when the make-up day will occur. The Fulton Theatre will not accommodate make-up classes for students who miss a class due to personal reasons, scheduling conflicts or student illness.
  • Lost and Found: Fulton’s Academy of Theatre maintains a lost and found box for six months after a semester.  To retrieve an item from lost and found, email with a description of the item.  If we find it, we will notify you when and where it can be picked up.