Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

We Are Better Together

Devastated by the continual inequality, and systemic racism our brothers and sisters of color face each and every day, the Fulton Theatre calls for an overdue change by promoting the power of Community, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility, because Black Lives Matter. We have listened over the past weeks, and we know we can do better and hold ourselves accountable by examining how we can support the undoing of the oppression that has historically existed in the theatre industry. We, as artists, are agents of change. We acknowledge at times, we could have done better, and know we will fall short in the future, but we make a commitment to never waiver on this course of equity.

The Fulton Theatre continues to be committed to being a change through the stories we tell on our stage by creating conversations in our community, promoting diversity through our staffing, programming and making a promise to amplify the voices of people of color in our community and beyond.

  • The Fulton is committed to diversifying our artists, staff, volunteers, board, and stakeholders, through deliberate dialog, community involvement and listening
  • A formalized training of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility for all organization members from external experts
  • Promote the creation of new works and encourage diverse stories

To make a change, we encourage our community stakeholders to educate themselves and donate through these resources:

We need to work together to uphold these commitments and make change. We are better together.

Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival Sponsors


Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival Education Sponsor

Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival

Open to playwrights throughout Lancaster County and beyond, the Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival invites writers to submit new plays or musicals celebrating perspectives from the spectrum of diversity, including voices from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, and religious and economic diversity. Readings are FREE, by reservation is required by calling the box offices at 717.397.7425

The 2021 Inaugural “Stories of Diversity” Plays include:

The Education component features students from Lancaster City’s McCaskey High School who created a showcase of their own, with original stories for the Stories of Diversity Festival. Fulton Theatre Teaching Artists have conducted an 8-week residency at McCaskey High School collaborating with a diverse group of teens to create a virtual selection of videos that tell the stories and perspectives of this wonderful group of individuals. Students will showcase talents and narratives such as hip hop dance, traditional Nepali dance, cultural songs and dances, and spoken word.

To Watch this Showcase in it’s entirety visit

Friday, July 16 @ 6:00pm

FOR COLORED BOYZ on the verge of nervous breakdown/when freedom aint enuff
By Bryan-Keyth Wilson

A collection of poems telling the stories of black men from slavery to the present. This composition examines the dark realities of what it means to be a man of color in America. Wilson’s work delves into issues such as toxic masculinity, homophobia, systematic racism, mental issues, and police brutality. While there’s no linear narrative each poem is weaved together through music and dance making this piece a choreopoem. The choreopoem is performed by five nameless men only represented visually by their colors. They are The Man in Black, Man in Red, Man in Green, Man in Orange and Man in Blue. Other subjects examined in this choreopoem include colorism, racial stereotypes, the black family and politics. By the conclusion of Act II, walls are broken, and each man on stage takes a new right of passage giving reverence to the ancestors and affirming the bond of brotherhood is what they need to move forward in this world. Readings are FREE, by reservation is required by calling the box offices at 717.397.7425

Saturday, July 17 @ 10:00am

By Noah Schoenberg

Lev of Leningrad tells the tale of Lev Furman, immigrant extraordinaire.

Lev’s story begins when he accidentally becomes a Jewish “refusnik” in the former Soviet Union at the age of 26. 14 years later, Soviet authorities finally grant Lev and his young family an exit visa to leave the Soviet Union. Lev’s troubles surprisingly continue in the United States as he learns to cope with his family’s successful assimilation into American culture, especially his younger daughter Karine who challenges Lev’s understanding of gender and authority.

Throughout his adventures, Lev retains his sense of humor and faith that all will work out — with assistance from Philadelphia’s Finest and other friends. Readings are FREE, by reservation is required by calling the box offices at 717.397.7425

Sunday, July 18 @ 10:ooam

By Marisol Medina

A dark comedy about a modern American woman and her religiously conservative, Cuban-born mother. During a hopeless attempt at a bonding trip to Paris, the mother’s greatest fear, a terrorist attack, traps the women in their luxury hotel room with a handsome and helpful Algerian-Parisian bell boy; causing the women’s fluctuating morals, misleading prejudices, violent need to survive, and closely guarded secrets to come to light. Readings are FREE, by reservation is required by calling the box offices at 717.397.7425

To Watch a Panel Discussion with the Playwrights visit

About the Playwrights

Bryan-Keyth Wilson (He, Him, His) – Dubbed the Literary Prince, BRYAN-KEYTH WILSON is a noted multi-hyphenate in the theatre and publishing arena. He is a contributor for Broadway World and freelance journalist. BKW is an activist and believes that his work should be reflective of the times we live. He studied Musical Theatre with a Dance emphasis at Sam Houston State University, and serves as the founding artistic director of The Creative Co-Lab TX|NYC. He is now in development of his first comic book series  THE TALENTED TENTH. He is a faculty member of The Black Writers Reunion & Conference and creator of the LIFT EV’RY VOICE International Playwright & Spoken World Virtual Festival. IG: @literaryprince

Marisol Medina is a playwright and nonfiction writer of stories on identity and the destructive nature of societal and familial norms. She is a first-generation Cuban-American from Texas who lives in Los Angeles. Marisol acted in Houston and Seattle before moving to LA where she went into comedy (Groundlings, UCB, Comedy Store, Los Angeles Comedy Festival, and SF Sketchfest ), had a child, and now writes. Marisol was a semi-finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s 2019 National Playwright Conference, a finalist for 2019 LAB Local Theater in Boulder, CO, and a finalist for Athena Project’s 2020 Plays in Progress Series.

Noah Schoenberg grew up and attended school in Philadelphia. He shipped off to St. Paul/Minneapolis for college, where he earned degrees in applied mathematics and neuroscience. He returned to Philadelphia after college to work in financial services.

Lev of Leningrad is Noah’s first play. He wrote Lev accidentally at the age of 26.

More information on the Festival and how to reserve tickets, will be available soon.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Committee

The Fulton Theatre Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee recognizes the presence of social injustice, and systemic racism in the theatre and arts. We are committed to amplifying and celebrating the voices and perspectives of BIPOC in our arts community and beyond. We will build relationships and foster inclusiveness by taking an intersectional approach to diversifying our programming, artists, staff, volunteers, and community stakeholders.


  • We will continue to ACKNOWLEDGE the inequalities and racism that are present. Candid and uncomfortable conversations are the first step to holding ourselves accountable
  • We will make systemic and institutional CHANGE that impacts our organization and the communities we serve. This can only be done through action.
  • We will EDUCATE  ourselves and others through our programming and actions.

This committee is in collaboration with the Fulton’s Board of Directors. Fulton Staff Representatives are from the Marketing, Community Engagement, and Human Resource Departments.


Delia Pabon – Co-Chair
William Broaddus – Co-Chair
Maria Enriquez – Historian

Adam Hosey
Andrea Glass
Pastor Devin Jeffers
Julia Kamanda
Kareena Rios
Joan Rittberg
Sofia Shorter
Angel Sanchez II
Florence Taylor