Saturdays this Winter!  

Fulton Academy of Theatre Winter 2017 Classes

This Winter, adventure awaits for the student who is just starting their artistic journey, or the student who is well on their way. The Fulton Theatre is your home for professional theatre training in Lancaster. Academy Home Page ›

Broadway Kids  

Ages 4-6

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 9:15 AM - 10 AM

Cost: $90

Early learners will have a blast singing and dancing Broadway show tunes! Students will work together as an ensemble to develop music, rhythm, and dance skills. Get ready to hear your young person filling your home with the sounds of Broadway!

FUNdamentals of Musical Theatre Dance  

Grades 1-4

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 12:30PM - 1:30PM

Cost: $100

In this creative movement course, students will develop a basic understanding of various dance styles and terms that are seen on the stage! Students will engage in jazz, modern, and ballet techniques while building creative self-expression and confidence.

Sing, Dance, Act!  

Grades 2-5

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Cost: $100

Elementary students will dive into scenes and musical numbers while developing characters and working together as an ensemble. Young actors will engage in various singing styles and dance techniques as they develop their acting skills.

Building Rome II (for new and returning students)  

Grades 3-6

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 10 AM - 11:30 AM

Cost: $125

If you love to work hands-on and see yourself in multiple roles, this class is for you! Each session we tackle a subject, create a character or improvise with wild abandon. The class is split into actors, directors, designers and writers, trading places every week. We build all parts of a play and perform the work to its conclusion on the spot. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day. But our class is! Life is short. Build stuff that matters. *If you took Building Rome in 2017 come join us again! If you are new to the course, welcome!

Pitch Perfect Acapella  

Grades 6-12

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 10:45AM - 12:00PM

Cost: $115

Are you a big fan of singing groups like Pentatonix and sing off films like Pitch Perfect? Then this class is for you! This fun class will focus on strengthening creativity and musicality, with students harmonizing in a variety of musical styles without accompaniment! This singing group will cover beatboxing and many genres in a fun, engaging environment with other enthusiastic singers.

Make em’ Laugh!  

Grades 6-12

Saturdays, Jan. 27 - March 10 | 12 PM - 1:30 PM

Cost: $125

Sketch comedy is a daring act of theatre. Actors exploring an idea, in a brief moment, for one of life’s most rewarding treasures: laughter. But making comedy is no laughing matter. Comedy is hard. So our job is to make it fun. We will improvise. We will write. We will perform. And we will laugh, my friends. And if we do our job honestly, the people will laugh, too.

Academy Programs

Early Childhood

Young children (ages 3-6) explore dramatic play through storytelling, music, dance/movement, and puppetry. The Early Childhood Program develops creativity, social and emotional skills, and problem-solving techniques.

Elementary School

Elementary aged youth explore the many components of the performing arts. Students hone their skills focusing on their Actor's Tools: Body, Voice, Imagination, and Ensemble Cooperation.

Teen Conservatory

Teens will sharpen their skills for strong performance techniques and learn a depth of knowledge for theatre production. Students will discover the artist within through intensive exercises in acting voice, physical movement/dance and ensemble development.

Adult Program

Classes or workshops offered at various times throughout the year.

Please fill out the student form and read the policy statement with each registration.