What is the power of theatre? Theatre transforms. Participating in a theatre arts experience leads people to examine their perspectives and broaden their worldview. Theatre connects. Theatre artists connect with their communities and collaborate.

We invite students ages pre-K through grade 12 to experience the power of theatre with the Fulton through the Academy of Theatre! The Fulton is proud of our professional Teaching Artist staff comprised of artists that are dedicated to working and growing in their art.

Teaching Artists aim to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of learners. Our programs develop theatre arts tools and also important lifelong skills such as creativity, communication, and building confidence. Become part of the Academy of Theatre this season and nurture the artist within.

Registration open for Spring 2024 Classes  

Academy Classes

Our classes offer opportunity to young learners and veteran performers alike, developing creativity, communication, and confidence.

Registration Open for 2024 Summer Camps  

2024 Summer Camps

Our classes offer opportunity to young learners and veteran performers alike, developing creativity, communication, and confidence.

Academy Programs

Early Childhood

Young children (ages 3-7) explore dramatic play through storytelling, music, dance/movement, and puppetry. The Early Childhood Program develops creativity, social and emotional skills, and problem-solving techniques.

Elementary School

Elementary aged youth explore the many components of the performing arts. Students hone their skills focusing on their Actor’s Tools: Body, Voice, Imagination, and Ensemble Cooperation.

Teen Conservatory

Teens will sharpen their skills for strong performance techniques and learn a depth of knowledge for theatre production. Students will discover the artist within through intensive exercises in acting, voice, physical movement/dance, and ensemble development.

“It is amazing what you are capable of growing in these kids! My daughter could not have had a better experience this summer, and seems to have gained a lot more confidence! Our family is so grateful."

Academy of Theatre parent

“One of the greatest aspects of this program is that it is sensitive to all children of all developmental levels and seems to find ways to engage and include them based on their individual needs. The Teaching Artists are so mindful of each child’s strengths and incorporate them into her lessons. Nothing but love for this program!”

Academy of Theatre parent

“My daughter had an incredible time and can't wait to get more involved with theatre. This program has taught her so much and now she has a new passion for theatre!”

Academy of Theatre parent

Student Inclusion Program

The Fulton Theatre Academy is an inclusive program for students of all abilities and need. We provide resources to students who have medical and learning concerns and disabilities. Returning students should submit a new form at the start of each semester so that we have the most current information on file. Families may request on the form for a Pre-Session Meeting. The Teaching Artist will meet with the student to understand their interests, skills, and needs. In the meeting, the student develops comfort, trust, and familiarity with the Teaching Artist and the classroom structure and routines. The Teaching Artist will share essential questions and vocabulary students will explore during the semester. With an advanced introduction to terms and concepts, the student will be an expert on the first day, and will experience a high level of success throughout the semester!


Fulton Theatre’s Academy of Theatre offers financial aid in the form of scholarships. Scholarships are granted to those families who demonstrate a strong financial need, and a commitment to Fulton Theatre. All applications will be considered until all funds are dispersed. Only awarded applicants will be notified. We encourage you to reapply for future semesters.

Please fill out the student form and read the policy statement with each registration.