Sensory Challenges Form

  • Help Us Understand Your Child's Needs

    This information is confidential, and shared only with necessary Fulton staff.
    Indicate stimuli that may trigger a negative response from your child. We will attempt to notify you when the stimulus is used in one of our Family Series productions.
  • This information may help us to design lobby activities more appropriate for your child, and prepare Fulton artists and staff to interact with your child.
  • List any strategies that you expect to use with your child while at the Fulton. We will notify Fulton staff and ushers of your strategies so that they are equally prepared.
  • With this information, we can better prepare lobby activities to support your child’s experience.
  • If you attend a Family Series performance, would you like to arrange a meeting for your child and a Fulton artist in the week prior to the performance you will attend?
  • Ticket Reservation

    Tickets for the October Workshop are Free. Tickets to the Saturday Morning Family Series range between $10-$20.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 10.
    We will do our best to seat you closest to your accommodation needs.
  • Tell us anything else that will help us successfully seat your child and family.