Schools and other community organizations often submit requests for Fulton Theatre artists and staff persons to present to young people and adults a lecture, interactive demonstration or workshop as part of a club/hobby meeting, Career Day, Arts Fair, Girl or Boy Scout meetings or other special events. Topics may include the life of an actor, the history of the Fulton, or information about subscriptions, accessibility or classes. In order for us to effectively match our artists and staff to your event and program, we have created this online form. Submit detailed information so that we may effectively review your request.

Note that we are unable to commit to all requests due to limited resources.
Requests are reviewed and approved every other Tuesday. Requests should be submitted minimally three weeks prior to your first preference date. The earlier you make your request will have a greater impact on our ability to serve you!

  • Program Details

    Provide as much detail as possible so that we can best serve you by matching the most appropriate Fulton Artist or Staff Person to your goals, schedule and students.
  • Identify the age range of the participants so that we can determine the best artist to facilitate your program and the impact of the program.
  • Estimate the number of participants who will attend each workshop so that we understand the impact of the program. This will also help us determine how many presenters/facilitators will be required for the the experience.
  • Identify the overall goal of the program. Tell us what you hope the Fulton Artist or Staff Person can share with the participants. If you have a request in the artist or staff person who participates, please let us know. For example, a costume designer or a performer with a specialty in Shakespeare or the person who crunches the numbers.
  • Provide detailed information about the schedule. Will the workshop/presentation be repeated? If so, how many times? Will there be a break for the Fulton Artist between sessions?
  • Is the space a hall, library, meeting room, classroom, theatre, gym, etc? What does the space look like? If it is a classroom, can things be moved? Will the Fulton presenter share the space with another presenting organization? Will students be brought to the space, or will the Fulton presenter have to move between multiple spaces? What technology is available for the facilitator to use? For example, if the Fulton had a powerpoint on the history of our building there is a laptop, projector and screen to do so.
  • Is there anything else you can tell us about the program to support us making a decision about participating and assigning a member of our family to yours?

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