February 11, 2020 - March 1, 2020

Held Over! March 8, 2020

God returns to earth to re-write the Ten Commandments.  

First, there was The Producers, and then there was The Book of Mormon, now another outrageous comedy, An Act of God. A divinely outrageous comedy, where no act of God is safe! God returns to earth to re-write the Ten Commandments for the social media generation, and she has a lot to say! An all-out hilarious attempt will be made to answer many questions that have plagued humanity for many millennia.

Written by former Daily Show writer David Javerbaum

Played on Broadway in 2015 with Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons as God. It was so popular; it was revived just one year later with Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes.

The New York Times called it “Gut-Busting-Funny!”

A few of our favorite moments from the show!

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