Content Guide

The Fulton Theatre strives to produce theatre that will serve our entire community.

To that end, we have created a Content Guide so that all warnings associated with each production may be reviewed by patrons.

Though we do not typically have permission to change the intellectual property as licensed by rights-holders, this page is a living document and we will hone information in accordance with each director’s vision and specific choices.


23/24 Season


Something Rotten
If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13
Language: Penis, Ass, Bastard, Bitchin’, damn, hell, piss, shit, God damnit, whore
Adult Behavior: Kissing, alcohol consumption (heavy drinking), pregnancy
Violence: hunting, threats of violence, mention of execution
Mild Sexuality: Sexual innuendo
Other: plague (pandemic), mention of Nazis, anti-semitism


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
If this were a film, it would be rated PG (most theaters do not provide advisories and say the show is suitable for all audiences)
Adult Behavior: mentions of adultery
Violence: Slavery, mentions of animal violence (goat)
Mild Sexuality: references to sexual activity/innuendo 


It Happened in Key West
If this were a film, it would be rated PG
Language: hell
Adult Behavior: smoking, drinking alcohol
Other: death from tuberculosis, exhumation, light-hearted corpse restoration, allegorical mention of Romeo-style death in song


9 to 5: The Musical
If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13
Language: Shit, bullshit, bitch, damn, prostitute, hell, piss, ass, bastard, merde
Adult Behavior: smoking marijuana, alcohol consumption, sexism, discussion of infidelity, divorce, sex work 
Violence: Poisoning, gun violence, implied branding, hog-tying, kidnapping
Mild Sexuality: Sexual innuendo, harassment, power imbalance, reference to BDSM 


Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific
If this were a film, it would be rated PG (often rated PG)
Racial slurs: Jap
Language: hick, bastard
Adult Behavior: drinking, kissing, cross-dressing
Violence: mention of animal sacrifice, discussion of murder (rephrase),
Sexuality: sexual innuendo
Other: themes of war, racism


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
If this were a film, it would be rated PG
Language: crap, damn, ass,
Adult Behavior: reference to drinking, drug use (prescription drugs
Violence: descriptions of being eaten, mention of gun violence, threats of violence, killing beasts, exploding, blowdarts, suggestion of being boiled to death, child dismembering by squirrels
Other: body shaming (fatphobia) 



The film version is rated R.
Language: “eff,” bitch, bastard, ass, motherfucker, damn, shit, goddamnit,
Adult Behavior: alcohol consumption, substance abuse, flipping the middle finger
Violence: threats of violence, blood and gore, torture (withholding pills, food, and water), gun violence, choking
Other: reference to a car crash, fire, kidnapping, physical injuries including broken bones, needles, discussion of suicide


No one under 17 admitted
If this were a film, it would be rated R, no one under 17 admitted
Language: bugger, loony, fuck, bastard, prick, sod, bloody
Adult Behavior: smoking, pornography, alcohol consumption, religious themes
Violence: threats of violence, violence against animals, discussion of child sacrifice, whipping, slapping
Sexuality: nudity, kissing, conversations surrounding sexuality, mention of arousal, mention of “sex,” bestiality
Other: Nightmares, mental illness, derogatory language surrounding mental illness, hypnotism, mention of slavery, religious trauma, mention of infertility   


Tuesdays with Morrie
The film version is not rated.
Language: ass
Other: story of cancer treatment/death, ALS disease symptoms, and eventual death


The Last Five Years
The film version is rated PG-13
Language: shit, fuck, ass, midget, bitch, hell
Adult Behavior: infidelity, sexism, pregnancy
Violence: threats of violence
Sexuality: sexual innuendo and references 


Eichmann Family Series

Family Series productions are appropriate for all audiences – all ages welcome!- but some of our youngest audience members might react to scary sounds or “bad guys.” Children are welcome to take lobby breaks during these shows and we encourage our audiences to participate in the storytelling.