Content Guide

The Fulton Theatre strives to produce theatre that will serve our entire community.

To that end, we have created a Content Guide so that all warnings associated with each production may be reviewed by patrons.

Though we do not typically have permission to change the intellectual property as licensed by rights-holders, this page is a living document and we will hone information in accordance with each director’s vision and specific choices.

A 23/24 Content Guide will be available here beginning July 25th, 2023



Kinky Boots
If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for mild language and violence.
Language: wanker, bitch, transvestite, sissy, fags
Adult Behavior: drag performance, cross-dressing, drinking, homophobia and transphobia, discussions surrounding gender.
Sexual Content: mention of “sex,” sexual innuendos
Violence: threats of violence, mugging, boxing match, punching

White Christmas
The film version of White Christmas is not rated; however, we believe that it would be rated G for today’s audiences.
Suitable for all Audiences

The Play That Goes Wrong
If this were a film it would be rated PG.
Language: damn
Adult Behavior: drinking alcohol, smoking
Adult themes: discussion of extramarital affair
Sexual Content: kissing, suggested sexual behavior, actress in vintage undergarments
Violence: satirical

The Wiz
The film version has been rated G.
Suitable for all ages

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 due to disaster-related peril.
Disaster-related peril: the musical version of Titanic is based on the real stories of the passengers aboard the ship. Many of those passengers did not survive. The production does not contain death scenes but has implied peril.

The film has a PG rating with a warning of “frequent mild sex references and mild language.”
Language: hell, bitch, skank, gang bang, bastard, fongool, puss, tit
Slurs: fruitcake, pansy, crippled
Mild sexuality: mooning, mention of sex, sexual innuendos, kissing
Physical altercations: threats of violence
Adult behavior: smoking cigarettes, flipping the middle finger, under-age drinking



For Colored Boyz
If this were a film, it would be rated R
Racial Slurs: nigga, nigger, faggot, maricón, ghetto,
Conversations of Child Abuse: child slavery, rape, sexual abuse
Strong language: damn, hell, titty, sissy, fuckin, shit, dick, ass, thot, pussies
Other: Discussions/depictions of slavery, groping, discussions/depictions of suicide, discussions of black violence/stereotypes, discussions of war violence/PTSD, discussions of police brutality, depictions of drag, discussions surrounding queer culture/ queerphobia (drag, gay, homophobia), discussions of domestic abuse, discussion of racism/racial injustice/white supremacy
Mild sexuality: discussions of arousal, mention of oral sex

The film version is rated PG-13
Conversations of child abuse: reference to physical abuse, insinuations of sexual assault of a minor

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
If this were a film, it would be rated R
Racial slurs: Jap
Strong Language: Goddamn, fuck, bitch, bastard, putain, puta
Sexual References: orgies, mention of sex, sexual innuendos
Adult Behavior: Excessive drinking, smoking, kissing
Violence: threats of violence 

Shear Madness
If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13.
Language: bitch, slut, shit
Sexual References: innuendos
Adult Behavior: kissing




The Family Series productions are appropriate for all audiences – all ages welcome!- but some of our youngest audience members might react to scary sounds or “bad guys.” Children are welcome to take lobby breaks during these shows and we encourage our audiences to participate in the storytelling.