Stories of Diversity Submission Form

Submission Rules and Guidelines

  • A new play that is an original work and has never been fully staged
  • Must involve no more than 6 actors (can play multiple characters, but pairings must make sense and be feasible to stage).
  • Must deal with the subject of inclusion, equity, diversity, or accessibility.
  • Must be 60 minutes or longer
  • 2 Members of each of the three selected creative teams will be invited to attend the festival, which will include travel and accommodations. Other members of the team are invited to attend at their own expense.
  • The play is a living, breathing piece of art, and this is a first step in development.  We encourage creators to embrace feedback and suggested changes.

Download a complete list of Festival dates, rules, and submission suggestions. (Dates are approximate and subject to change.)
2023 Fulton Festival of New Works_ Stories of Diversity Submission Details

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Submission Form